The Codex Chronicles: Danger Underfoot

Codex Keeper Journal Entry 1
Prologue: The Burning Flames of Revolution

My dear Vesper, beloved daughter,

I write this journal to you to best detail my story to you – for you to read if I am not around or to imagine the wonders that the world holds. I write this journal for your benefit and I pray that I can grow old reading to you of my adventures from this book. But also to warn of dangers of this world that I would never wish on my worst of enemies.

To begin this story, it would be wise to bring up the event that triggered the current War of Broken Chains: The burning of the Library of Egret. All of our knowledge as a people of the Kingdom of Dwesia – maintained by the elves in their naturally beautiful sanctum burned to the ground. This as the final mark of the chain of abuses and cruelties by the Emperor Kyrel. He has destroyed much of our beautiful kingdom and has kept us from the outside world, wiping out any who had knowledge of the places beyond the wailing wall.

For this reason, as the current Codex Keeper who guards the remaining codices in existence, I've had to leave you my daughter. It has not and will not be easy but it is satisfying to play my part. Happiness cannot truly be experienced without struggle and this war has birthed both happiness and sorrow.  For today's journal perhaps I should tell you of some of my closest companions:

Hendrik Starfell the aspiring entrepreneur as he likes me to call him. A jovial man who seems to have quite a knack on obtaining anything – contracts, food, equipment, the exotic. You name it he likely has a way to obtain it. If he aspired to ruling the world I would not doubt he would be successful in that endeavor.

Reona Vance the huntress from the Yettani Highlands. She can be quite crude in her mannerisms but her potent beauty only matched by her fierce loyalty makes her quite the handy companion to have. She is not one you could doubt in word or deed and has the competency to back it up. A pragmatic and strong woman, it is as if she can speak to nature as a first language. She is one of only a small handful of humans trained by the elves to be a ranger.

High Paladin Duron Mendenhall – also a rare entity. A stoic figure of immense stature. He is kind hearted and determined. The evil wrought by Kyrel forced his hand to taking sides, stepping away from the usual duty of defending the realm from threats outside – a station and task that is largely symbolic at this point. However, he does believe there is something worse out there and wishes to see the current war end quickly before the threats come out of the shadows to threaten the devastated realm.

The loss of the Library of Egret was quite the devastating loss to our kingdom. Perhaps in a future entry I can detail you what the significance of it was – but suffice to say it has sent us back hundreds if not thousands of years. The various races helping us, Elves, Dwarves and Gnomes combining our effort to remove the tyrant and fight in our various realms.

But as I finish today's entry I can smell the cooking of the boar we caught earlier today slow roasting over a fire and my stomach has begun to grumble.  The sun has begun to set and the skies look gorgeous bathed in soft orange light. I pray for your protection, little one.

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