Character Creation

Level 1
Point Buy: 25
Language: All races lose Common, replace it with Orc if not already known.
Weapon Familiarity: Replace all weapon familiarity racial traits to Blud line specific weapons for Orcs and Half Orcs.

Allowed Races: Orcs, Half-Orcs, Hob Goblin and Goblin
Warning: Goblins and Hobgoblins are second or third class creatures in the Shadowclan hierarchy. Other than as pawns and fillers they are seen as beneath even the lowliest Shadowclan member. Death is a common punishment for defying or harassing a an orc if one of these two races. In addition, magic casters from these races are promptly eliminated before their powers grow.

Alternate Racial Traits: Discuss with Game Master to identify appropriate racial traits for a Shadowclan member
Animal Companion: The only companions the Shadowclan reveres or tolerates is wolves and worgs.
Equipment: TBD

Allowed Base Classes w/ available archetype and varied limitations:
Barbarian: Base Class [Core], Unchained Barbarian [PUC], Breaker [APG], Drunken Brute [APG], Invulnerable Rager [APG], Mounted Fury [APG], Savage Barbarian [APG], Scarred Rager [UC], Superstitious [APG], Wild Rager [UC], Hateful Rager [ARG] and Feral Gnasher [ARG]

Druid: Base Class [Core], Pack Lord [UM] and Nature Fang [ACG]

Oracle: Base Class [APG], Possessed Oracle [UM}, Warsighted [ACG] Curses: Clouded Vision, Deaf, Lame Mysteries: Battle, Flame, Occult

Ranger: Skirmisher [UC] or Trapper Archetype [UM]

Skald: Base Class [ACG]

Slayer: Base Class [ACG]

Witch: Base Class [APG], Beast- Bonded [UM], Hedge Witch [UM], Scarred Witch Doctor [ARG] ; Starting Familiars: Bat, Centipede, Lizard, Rat, Scorpion, Toad, Viper & Weasel ; Patrons: Death, Deception, Endurance, Healing, Insanity, Occult, Portents, Shadow, Strength and Vengeance

Character Creation

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